Ready, Set, PIN!
February 29, 2012

I have fallen in love with Pinterest. It's a lustful affair and I have to admit it was love at first pin! Okay, maybe its becoming more of an obsession but lets not judge just yet. 

What is Pinterest?

For those living under a rock, and that was me until approximately three weeks ago i didn't know Pinterest existed. Not even a rumbling. In a small nutshell, Pinterest is a social network with an endless array of virtual images, "pinned" from around the web or photos taken and posted by users, which you can then 'pin' to your personalized boards! Think ... virtual scrapbooking or inspiration board .. Simple! Easy! and so addicting! 

Why do I LOVE Pinterst?

For a creative mind like mine, who is in constant search for inspiration and ideas, Pinterest puts that inspiration at my finger tips allowing me an instant interaction with a wealth of images and ideas. You can find anything and everything on Pinterest. Its similar to having 500 magazines without the page flipping. Think decorating ideas, floral bouquets, home decor, architecutre, fashion, and food, oh there is so much food. I do suggest eating before diving into a round of pinning. You will thank me later.

Since my relationship with Pinterest I have racked up 50 personalized boards ... ranging from My Style, In the Garden, Easter, Christmas and even upcoming projects including Art in the Garden and two summer weddings I am currently designing. The possibilities are truly endless and with more people means more images and with more images means more inspiration. Its an endless stream of pure joy!

How to get on Pinterest? 

Visit ... request an invite (though receiving one promptly can be a challenge at times!) If you want a quicker response, have a friend already on Pinterest invite you to join, and if you don't have a friend using Pinterest send me a quick email @ and I will be sure to invite you! 

I really encourage everyone to try it! You will be amazed! I am sure you will be hooked too! Not only is it thrilling to pin, its more exciting to see what others are pinning, what they find beautiful and interesting. It is an opportunity to connect around the world, see things you might not have stumbled upon and open your creative mind to the endless wealth of possibilities.  

Cory Christopher on Pinterest! 

If you do make it onto Pinterest, be sure to follow "Cory Christopher" and see what inspiration and ideas I am pinning!

Oh, I can't wait to see what you find inspiring! 

Happy Pinning!


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