Fleurs de Villes

What can get better than combining fresh florals and fashion? We can’t think of anything better which is why, when Tina Barkley from Fleurs de Villes asked us to be a part of this fashion extravaganza, we couldn’t say no! It’s was great opportunity for us designers to get extremely creative and have some fun building high fashion master pieces out of fresh florals or in our case, moss and succulents.

For those who have never heard of Fleurs de Villes, it’s an exciting 5 day event, traveling across Canada, utilizing the talents of local designers to create innovative and artful displays through a mannequin series. Until April 23 at Southgate Centre Court, the mall will be transformed into a full bloom sanctuary!

Staying true to our roots, we wanted to design a sophisticated and modernized interpretation of Mother’s Nature wedding gown.  Using over 50 hours of design time, the team and I carefully selected a unique collection of textures and tones to bring our master piece to life.

Layering both moss, succulents and tree branches, the skirt of the dress morphed into a magical fairy garden. For the bodice, we glued delicate reindeer moss to create an intricate design, reminiscent of corset boning.  Of course, no wedding gown is complete without a bolero made out of bark mulch!

To finish off our blushing bride, we adorned her with a birch bark hat, harvested from my family farm and incorporated mini succulents and sweeping branches to create a veil. A special thanks to Wedding Bells for being our amazing sponsor! We hope our beautiful bride was a true show stopper!

A couple ladies visiting the mall even suggested interest in a Cory Christopher moss wedding dress. The team and I may have to start a new side business?

We couldn’t help but admire the other mannequins as they truly took our breath away. Each design was so original and unique. As a designer in Edmonton, I feel so proud to be part of an event that truly celebrates the immeasurable creative talents of our floral industry.

This beautiful display is open to the public during mall hours until April 23. We are thrilled to participate in the Flower Market on Saturday, April 22. Come say hi to the team and I as we sell some of our adorable terrariums and succulents. This is an event your not going to want to miss!

CC Design Team

Photography | Katie Samycia

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