Product Care Tips

We’re gathering our useful tips and advice on caring for your fresh flowers, succulents, plants or new terrarium below. Read on to learn more!

Fresh Floral Arrangements & Bundles

Fresh cut flowers have an expected vase-life of around 4-7 days, depending on room conditions.

To maximize the life of your flowers:

1. When they first arrive, use floral pruners or a sharp knife (please be careful!) to cut 1-2” off each stem, at a 45˚ angle.

2. Remove any leaves or flowers that would fall below the water line.

3. Fill your favourite vase with fresh, cool water.

4. Arrange flowers in vase, ensuring all stem ends are submerged.
Designer tip: When building your arrangement, try keeping multiples of the same flower or color in clusters, for a more modern look.

5. Display your flowers avoiding direct sun, hot or cold drafts, and fruits (which release flower-aging ethylene gases).

6. Replace water and recut stems every couple of days.

Succulent Terrariums (General Care)

To keep your succulent terrarium looking it’s best:

  • Display your terrarium in bright, indirect light.
  • Pro tip: Insufficient light will cause etoiliationlong, weak stems and smaller leaves. During the fall and winter, try to give your succulents as much sunlight as possible. 
  • Remember to water your succulent terrarium lightly, about every 2-3 weeks. Allow soil to become mostly dry between waterings.
  • Aim for a couple of tablespoons of water around the base of each plant. (Try a turkey baster to avoid splashing!)
  • Pro tip: Growing conditions can vary significantly – for instance, if your terrarium receives a lot of light, or your home is very warm, it may need more frequent watering. If your succulents are losing leaves or look wrinkly, take a peek at the rocks and dirt through the lower part of the glass – if they look completely dry, try more water. A bit soggy? Water less often.
  • Use a soft craft paintbrush to dust stray soil and dust off leaves and rocks.
Tropical Plant Terrariums (General Care)

To keep your tropical plant terrarium looking it’s best:

  • A tropical terrarium enjoys bright, indirect light, preferably from an East or West facing window.
  • You may wish to rotate your terrarium periodically, encouraging plants to grow in all directions, as they will tend to reach towards the light.
  • Your terrarium should be watered once or twice a week, depending on ambient temperature, light and whether the plants are in dormancy or growing stage.
  • Aim for soil to be evenly moist, but never too wet or soggy. This can be checked by placing one’s finger into the soil approximately 1/2 inch. Try watering with a turkey baster to avoid splashing.
  • Some plant varieties may outgrow the terrarium container; this is expected if your plants are happy! Light pruning can extend the life of your terrarium arrangement, but if a plant gets too large (or you want it to get even bigger) you may transplant it into a larger container or pot, using an indoor potting mix.
  • Use a soft craft paintbrush to dust stray soil and dust off leaves and rocks.